Chin and Lower Jaw re-shaping

Lower Jaw reshaping

The male face include a broad, tall, heavy jaw that flares out and has a more prominent angle in the back.

Through an incision inside the mouth, the jaw can be contoured to make it more feminine. This involves cutting away the excessive bony angle and rounding out the back part of the jaw. Burring along the sides further tapers the jawline


Chin Surgery

Through an incision inside the mouth, a genioplasty is performed to decrease the height and width of the chin. Based on pre-operative assessment, a sliver of bone is removed to decrease the size. After cutting and resizing the bone of the chin, it is then held into place with small plates.

The Facial Surgery UK team uses the latest technology in planning the surgery required to give the best surgical outcomes. The team operates on the facial skeleton on a weekly basis to correct growth and traumatic deformities and uses this vast experience in feminizing the face.