Cheek, Lip and Nose Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation

The male cheek bone tends to be broad and flat, while those of females tend to appear more prominent and refined.  The appearance of the cheek  can be refined by either non-surgical techniques (dermal fillers) or surgical techniques using zygomatic (cheek) implants.


The male nose is distinctly different in appearance form the female nose. A rhinoplasty can be used to feminize the male nose. Hump reduction is performed, and a series of controlled fractures are used to narrow the bridge. The tip of the nose is narrowed and refined. Asymmetries in the nose and septum may also be addressed.

Lip Augmentation

Female lips tend to be fuller, especially the upper lip. In aesthetically-pleasing female lips, the upper lip projects slightly over the lower lip. Achieving pouty lips can be accomplished through several means: injecting fat, surgically inserting a dermal graft (using a piece of your own skin), or by using dermal fillers. Females tend to have a shorter distance between the base of the nose and the vermilion (the red part of the lip), and they also have more tooth  show when lips are relaxed.