Face lift


What is a facelift ?

A face lift is known medically as a “rhytidectomy.”  There are actually multiple types of facelifts.  These include the full facelift, neck lift, and mini face lift.

The full face lift addresses the neck, jawline, and cheek area, and may be combined with eyelid surgery and brow lift for patients who also need correction in these areas.

A mini-lift is a facelift that requires little downtime, shorter incisions and shorter recovery time.  The procedure can be done with local anaesthesia and sedation.  It has a lower chance of side effects and often is done in conjunction with other forms of cosmetic treatments, including injectable fillers.  This procedure is a popular option for patients desiring quick recovery times.  Because the incisions are smaller, recovery time can be as little as three days.

A neck lift procedure specifically targets loose skin, excess fat, or weak muscles under the jaw and chin.  The neck lift is effective with both targeted liposuction and Botox injections.  If you are concerned about sagging skin around your neck and would like a pleasing neckline, a neck lift may be an excellent option.

Each face has individual needs, which is why The Facial Surgery UK team will assess each patient individually and design a treatment that is specific for each individual patient.

A face lift is usually performed as an overnight stay. The actual procedure can take anywhere from two-and-a-half to four hours depending on the extent of your lift. A facelift involves incisions in front of and behind the ear. These incisions may extend into the scalp. Once the incisions are made, your skin is separated from the underlying tissue, and the deeper layers are lifted and re-positioned so as to enhance your appearance.

A pressure dressing is applied to your face and head to protect your wounds and help minimize swelling. A small surgical drainage device is left in place until the following day to avoid any collection of blood or fluid in the wound. This is removed before you are discharged home.

How do I know if I am ready for a face lift?

If your face has sagging and other significant signs of aging, it might be time for a facelift. Place your hands along the middle part of your jaw with your index fingers pointing upward and thumbs under the jaw, and pull gently toward your ears. If you like the result, then you may be a candidate for a facelift. You may also be a candidate for a face lift if  your face makes you look older than you are or older than you feel, or  you desire to enhance your appearance for yourself rather than pressure from someone else.